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Human rights activist of the LGBTI community

Rosmit Mantilla

We urge the immediate release of the Venezuelan HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST  of the LGBTI community ROSMIT MANTILLA, who was illegally imprisoned and charged in an attempt to silence peaceful protest and freedom of expression. 

Be part of the team and help us disseminate information about the case of violation of human rights Rosmit Mantilla


Illegal detention and prosecution of human rights activist and LGTBI community Rosmit Mantilla


Alerted the international community, activists and human rights defenders in the world on the arbitrary arrest and prosecution of the Venezuelan student and Human Rights activist from the LGTBI community Rosmit Mantilla.


Activist Rosmit Mantilla is founder of the first movement in Venezuela for the defense of the rights of the LGTBI community within a political party (Voluntad Popular - People's Will) Proinclusion Movement; and led the fight in the National Assembly (Legislature) of Venezuela for the adoption of the law of equal marriage.


Last May 02 in Caracas, Mantilla was arbitrarily detained by officials of the National Intelligence Service (SEBIN), without an arrest warrant at his residence in Caricuao, Caracas. Family members have claimed that SEBIN officials forged evidence to incriminate Mantilla, and since that day is being held in SEBIN’s headquarters.


On hearing of presentation held on Tuesday May 06 the judge upheld the measure of deprivation of liberty for Rosmit Mantilla and accused him for the following crimes: In degree mastermind, public incitement, public intimidation, obstruction of roads, burn of public and private buildings, violent damages, and association to commit crime.


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